DevOps as a Service


Not enough time to innovate? - How long can you afford to wait?

The climate of the competitive environment is changing, and changing fast if you are still not up to speed. Staying ahead today demands constant evolvement and improvement at a faster rate than your competititors. It is about culture, but also about having the rigth tools.

We know how to set you up with a modern platform. Let us help you shave monolithic legacy structures off into smaller microservices. Further set them up in a container enviromnet running on Kubernetes or OpenShift, either in Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform or Redpill Linpro Nordic Cloud (RLNC). This will give you speedy development, automated delivery and the possibility of a constant flow of releases to the market. Your only concern will be to invent that new grounbraking solution for your customers.

Want to get that time to innovate and do it faster? Get in touch.



Michael Nemecky
Operations Manager at Redpill Linpro