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Scania (WSO2 API/Connectivity platform, Identity Management, Cloud)


API/Integration Strategy, API Ready, WSO2 API/Connectivity platform, Identity Management, Cloud, Development. 



The new API/Integration strategy and hybrid cloud based platform will enable Scania to move towards the vision of the datadriven company. With an API strategy and platform that enables publishing and consumption of APIs, the various divisions of the corporation will be able to interact efficiently, not only within Scania, but also with the larger eco system of partners and customers. 



“Scania is undergoing a transformation from a traditional truck manufacturer to a provider of sustainable transport solutions. To achieve this IT will play a crucial part, as Scania’s success is depending on flexible and efficient IT solutions to support current and future business requirements. A vital part of this infrastructure will be to unlock data and provide a framework for interacting efficiently both internally and with external parties. With our new API/Integration strategy and the WSO2 API platform we will be able to provide access and gather information from all kinds of sources and partners. Redpill Linpro consultants have been vital in the creation of the new API/integration strategy and with them also active as the leading Scandinavian WSO2 partner, we have had to look no further for platform support, implementation and development”, says Stefan Telhammar, Manager Integration Services at Scania. 


The challenge: 

Implement a new API/Integration strategy and API platform for efficient data exchange and support a flexible and efficient usage of IT solutions to support the vision of a data driven Scania. 


The solution: 

A new API/Integration strategy paired with a new hybrid cloud API Management platform to support all kinds of use cases for API utilisation.


The result: 

A state-of-the-art API Management platform available on-prem and in the cloud to support both existing and future business requirements. A new API/Integration strategy that guides Scania architects and developers in how to develop, publish and consume APIs. The new API platform and strategy will be vital to reach the vision of the Data Driven Scania. 

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