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Redpill Linpro Cloud offering
With more than 15 years of experience running virtualised solutions for our customers our flexible solutions are designed to support every need of a stable production environment with high change demand.

We take full responsibility for your environment whether it runs in your private cloud, in our Redpill Linpro Nordic Cloud, in a public cloud or on a combination of any of them. Our Agile IT Operations deliver the speed, efficiency, flexibility and reliability you need to make sure you get the best performance from your cloud of choice.

Redpill Linpro Cloud

For special requirements, Redpill Linpro Private Cloud offers a dedicated environment just for you. Unlike public clouds, which delivers services to multiple customers, a private cloud is dedicated to a single organisation.

Redpill Linpro Nordic Cloud is our shared cloud service for multiple customers.

Both Redpill Linpro cloud models deliver services for any technical environment from one or more of our three data centers in Scandinavia. Some requirements, like policy, security concerns, regulations or geographical prerequisites for data storage, may play a part in choosing to run your solution in a dedicated and/or local environment. With Redpill Linpro cloud you will have full self service, a predictable pay as you go price model to ensure total cost control and options for a container based environment supporting high availability and easy deployment.

Hybrid Cloud

All environments running in any Redpill Linpro Cloud can easily be combined with public cloud environments as a hybrid cloud solution.

A hybrid cloud setup gives you the opportunity to take full advantage of a local and/or private cloud and at the same time benefit from all the potential of a public cloud when you need it.

Public Cloud

We offer services to manage your public cloud implementation and provide you with an optimized environment whether it runs on Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform or Microsoft Azure.

Through our partnerships we have access to knowledge and best practices to assure you the best solution.

We help out with managing your environment when it comes to benefits from optimized scaling, 24/7 monitoring, incident and problem management and disaster recovery.

The flexibility of cloud services may lead to various company solutions being placed in different clouds and/or locations. We help you integrate your different implementations, and assist you in moving an environment from one cloud to another.

Last but not least, our security expert team make sure every aspect of your public cloud environment has top security priority.

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