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Database as a Service

Gives you the ability to launch an automatically managed and provisioned database

Our Database as a Service offering gives you the ability to launch an automatically managed and provisioned database in our Redpill Linpro Nordic Cloud as an integral part of your solution. These instances have optionally SLA and 24/7 monitoring.

The products can be launched directly from the customer admin pages and will be reachable through a service address in the given OpenStack project. The product also provisions an admin account on the database for Schema creation, db user grants etc.

A weekly maintenance window scheduled at Tuesday 0100 to 0600 will be used for automatic software patching.

The following database variants are currently supported:


  • MySQL single instance, no SLA, business hours monitoring.
    • This is a simple MySQL suited for development, testing or a staging rig alternatively a backend for non-critical services. Any problems will be handled next business day (NBD). 
  • MySQL single instance, 98% SLA, 24/7 monitoring
    • This is a single MySQL instance with an SLA. We will monitor the solution and keep the database running 24/7. The database will be temporarily unavailable in the maintenance windows.
  • MySQL triple instance, 99.8% SLA, 24/7 monitoring
    • This is a MySQL Galera based cluster set up in a multi master configuration with a high SLA. This is a robust cluster which handles downtime of a single node and will keep the database responsive also in maintenance windows.
    • The cluster can be distributed over several datacentres providing a responsive service also in case of datacenter outage. 


Backups are encrypted using single-use encryption keys and stored in our S3 storage cloud. New database instances can be created from existing backups enabling easy test and development environments.

All variants are currently based on MariaDB 10. Other databases and versions can be added on request.


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