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Swedish Tax Agency (Agile teams)

Skattverket aims to become Swedens most modern government agency. Under the headline ”Together with others we digitize Sweden”, Skatteverket has set out to develop simple, intuitive and individual digital services for businesses, citizens and other public organisations, a k a ”the customers”. Through the ”API led connectivity” concept, the customer is able to participate in the development and test of new improved services. 

Since 2016 Redpill Linpro has delivered the MuleSoft Anypoint platform, including both the platform itself as well as consultancy services architecture, design, configuration, development and support for APIs/integrations through a call off from our framework agreement with Kammarkollegiet.

Skatteverket chose the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform as platform to provide a backbone to their API initiative. The goal is to provide modern and secure APIs for data exchange with external third party actors developing new services for citizens and corporations. In order to achieve their goal, Skatteverket started with using consultants from Redpill Linpro for roles as architects and developers in their ICC. In 2020 this was extended to a complete team delivery, where Redpill Linpro provided 9 consultants from start.

The delivery has expanded and now consists of 16 consultants in the following roles :

  • Product Owner
  • Scrum master
  • Requirements analyst
  • Solution Architect
  • Integration Architect
  • Integration Developer
  • Technical Configuration Manager (DevOps) 
  • Test automation specialist
  • Test Manager

In addition, Redpill Linpro delivers IT architects, DevOps Engineers and system developers to other parts of the organization, for example aiding in their container platform initiative (using Red Hat Open Shift) and implementing configuration management tooling (Puppet) to support a DevOps based methodology. In total, Redpill Linpro delivered 22 consultants to Skatteverket during the past 12 months.

Digital transformation projects

The integration competency center at Skatteverket has the overall responsibility for system integration and is an important contributor to Skatteverket's transformation into being more open and interacting with clients (i e citizens or corporations i Sweden) in new ways and in new environments.

An important overall goal is that the client should be able to get information and manage their business with Skatteverket wherever most natural to them, e g directly from their ERP system that in the future will be integrated directly towards Skatteverket, or permitting third parties to act as proxies, e g a real estate broker or bank handling the digital paper work for their clients.

Another of the Redpill Linpro teams is assisting Skatteverket with a roll out of an application that integrates with financial institutes to prevent money laundring and financial crimes. 

The digital transformation at Skatteverket is an ongoing process requiring many different skills and resources. The value of Redpill Linpros delivery consists of both the needed people and skills, but also in being a strategic partner to develop new ways of working to increase both productivity and quality by introducing automated tests, CI/CD, improved documentation, and more.

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