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Redpill Linpro has experience from assisting a large range of organisations within various industries with their digital innovation journeys using open software, our methodology and dedication.
Through this we have gathered a lot of experience from what is important when laying the foundation for digital transformation and specific concerns that needs to be addressed for specific industries. This can include specific legislation, requirements from citizens, customers and partners as well as specific legacy systems or operating environments. In this section we have gathered our specific experience from some of these industries together with customer stories, applicable solutions and other useful related material.


Lots of opportunities and possibilities within reach, but also challenges with legacy systems and heritage from previous decisions
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Public sector

The public sector is undergoing a lot of change through the ongoing digital transformation process.
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Successful media houses have understood the importance to have platforms that serve written, as well as streaming media.
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Transport and logistics

Transporters can now work with internal and external efficiency with the help of new information and tooling available.
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