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Swedish Public Employment Service (Mulesoft Anypoint Platform)

The Swedish Public Employment Service has invested 20 MSEK in a new API and integration platform as a foundation for their digital transformation towards a modern digital agency. Redpill Linpro has been contracted to deliver MuleSoft Anypoint Subscriptions and teams for connectivity through APIs and integration. 

A modern API led approach

The mission of Arbetsförmedlingen is to make it easier for employers and potential employees to find each other. Through this, Arbetsförmedlingen/The Swedish Public Employment Service will assist with continuously improving the employment ratio with the Swedish society. 

To aid the ongoing digital transformation, Arbetsförmedlingen has procured a platform for API and integration that will be a cornerstone in the future work with digitization.

Redpill Linpro has been chosen to deliver the Anypoint Platform from MuleSoft to assist Arbetsförmedlingen with a modern API led approach to integration and connectivity. The initiative will support the mission of Arbetsförmedlingen to extend their ecosystem and match employees for hire with the right employers. Through APIs and a new digital backbone, Arbetsförmedlingen will be able to provide partners in the wider eco system with access to internal resources with remained control. Redpill Linpro has assisted Arbetsförmedlingen with both the implementation of the Anypoint Platform from MuleSoft and also change the way integrations/connectivity are built, from a SOA model to an API driven model. This is backed by a C4E/ICC organisational model. The Anypoint Platform has been deployed in a hybrid mode, with runtimes on site and administration tooling deployed in AWS (Cloudhub).

Tactical resource allocation

In addition to the strategic delivery of a connectivity platform with resources for API & Integration, Redpill Linpro has also assisted Arbetsförmedlingen with tactical resource allocation in other important areas. These include DevOps competencies for an Artificial/Machine Learning project, Senior & Junior java developers for ”Min sida”, Webanalytics tooling & competencies as well as specific competencies and tooling related to streaming media. Recently we have also provided resources to assist Arbetsförmedlingen with a project to establish open APIs according to the DCAT/AP standard.

- With the knowledge and skill set of Redpill Linpro paired with the MuleSoft Anypoint connectivity platform, we have created abilities and a base for a successful digitization journey and to create efficient ecosystems, says Daniel Hederstedt, at Arbetsförmedlingen.

- We are happy to be part of the digitization journey of Arbetsförmedlingen and aid in creating efficient information flows and ecosystems that will generate value for the greater society, says Henrik Gavelli, CEO Redpill Linpro.

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