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We provide consultancy services for the products and solutions in our portfolio. We can can assist with analysis, project management, devolpment or helping you out with infrastructure issues like migrating from any UNIX operating system or evaluate which database best will cover your needs.

Information Management

We offer a number of consulting services within Information Management:


Our IT Health Check helps you secure and stabilize your operations and make sure that your operations stay well tuned on a log term basis.

Operating system

Our consultants have thorough expertise and years of experience in Red Hat Enterprise Linux. We can help you to identify the areas where you can simply cut costs, increase the quality and raise efficiency.

If you currently have the high costs that are connected with proprietary UNIX solutions, then we can help you. Red Hat Enterprise Linux can provide you with a cost effective solution. We can help you with:

  • Making a pilot study to see how you can save by migrating to Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Migrating your service if you do not wish to do it yourself


Our consultants have worked with Open Source software databases for many years. We have helped our customers with to set up production both in MySQL and PostgreSQL in the most critical scenarios and know both the products to our fingertips.

Whether you need help to review existing solutions, set them into operation or help scale your solution or migrate it, we can help you.

Both the MySQL and PostgreSQL databases are leading technology. We can help you to evaluate which of these you should choose and to perform the migration yourself. We can also ensure that you have proper support afterwards.


We are the Nordic countries’ leading expert in the JBoss community project for middleware and we provide consultants for development and special consultancy services.

We provide you with a unique set of services, exploiting the benefits of the Open Source model to provide a service and competence level that leaves proprietary vendors far behind. Typical things we do include stuff like:

  • Expert Consulting
  • Migration
  • Training and Mentoring
  • Tuning and Performance
  • Local Support 24/7/365 for selected products with 4 hours on-site support SLA
  • Application Management.


Red Hat Enterprise Linux is considered to be amongst the safest platforms on the market. However, in order to be safe you must be certain that you are using the platform in the correct manner and that your routines are based upon the security you want to create.

We can help you to raise both your organisation and your technical platform to a higher level.