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Salesforce solutions

Salesforce solutions
At its core, Salesforce provides all the tools you expect from a Customer Relationship Management system. With Salesforce you empower your whole business and boost your IT transformation journey.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a world leading CRM system that enables you to have a close contact and an overall picture of your business and customers. Salesforce provides you with easy-to-use business applications, where you have everything, you need in one system. Salesforce is cloud based, which makes it up to date and available wherever you and your customers are.

The cloud services that Salesforce provides are Salesforce Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, Commerce Cloud, App Cloud and Salesforce Analytics Cloud.

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Salesforce benefits

At its core, Salesforce provides all the tools you expect from a Customer Relationship Management system, and then some! With Salesforce you empower your whole business and boost your IT transformation journey while building future-proof foundations to scale and continue to scale your offerings for the 21st century.

With the broad scope and applicability of Salesforce, you will find tailored solutions for your business. Not only within departments such as sales, service, and marketing, but also within the industries (i.e. Banking, Consumer Goods, Manufacturing or Healthcare).

In order to truly provide a 360 degree view of your customer and partners you will be dependent on integrations to connect all your systems in the best possible ways. With Mulesoft and an API-led connectivity approach your business will be able to meet the ever increasing demand put on your company in today’s competitive operation landscape.

Salesforce consultancy services

Gain access to a wide array of consultancy services tailored to your specific needs. Whether it's leading IT-transformation projects or providing specialised Salesforce expertise, we are here to guide your business at every turn.

With a profound understanding of Salesforce's capabilities, we can implement personalised solutions that drive growth and efficiency within your organisation.

In search of a strategic partner to tackle your unique challenges and harness the power of Salesforce to not only resolve current issues but also unlock future opportunities? Rest assured, we are dedicated to delivering on that promise and ensuring that Salesforce becomes a pivotal driver of your business growth, setting the stage for success not just today, but well into the future.

Leverage expertise that extends across Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Digital Experiences, Marketing Cloud, Account Engagement, Financial Services Cloud, and various other Industry-specific Clouds.

  • Salesforce Architecture
  • Salesforce Development
  • Salesforce Integration
  • Salesforce Administration
  • Salesforce Advisory
  • Salesforce AI for Service
  • Salesforce AI for Sales
  • Salesforce Security
  • Marketing Cloud Architecture
  • Marketing Cloud Development
  • Marketing Automation Advisory

Salesforce offerings

At Redpill Linpro we are happy to assist your company with more extensive E2E engagements regarding establishing Salesforce solutions and utilising our regular consultancy services. In addition to this we provide Salesforce expertise to our customers in more conceptualised offers, which are smaller packages which is aimed to be ran either individually or in parallel with your other Salesforce activities.

Salesforce + Mulesoft

Over the past years, SaaS company (SFDC), has been extremely successful in implementing various cloud solutions (Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Commerce Cloud etc) to support various parts of their customers organisations and processes. Through a 100% cloud strategy and the help of technology and tools like IoT, AI and much more, Salesforce has emerged as leaders within Sales, Marketing and Service Management.

The Salesforce success has also introduced a new challenge for customers and drived the need for modern integration and API solutions that can connect SaaS/Cloud based solutions with existing (often on prem) legacy systems like ERP, Order Management or other production systems. This is where the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform fits in.

In addition to providing Salesforce expertise in various areas, Redpill Linpro is the leading provider of API and integration solutions based on the Anypoint Platform in the Nordics. This means that we can offer our customers a complete set of digital capabilities to support their digital transformations utilising Salesforce and Anypoint Platform.

With our joint offering your implementation success is a reality and we will make sure that your digital transformation use cases are delivered.

Salesforce + DevOps

DevOps delivers value, organisations have improved their software development and delivery using DevOps methods for years now. Not only does DevOps improve daily working life, but also the organisation’s performance, revenue, profitability and more. It is not a trend anymore, but a standard way of software development and operations.

DevOps methodologies can also be implemented to support the requirement to add new functionality and organisational support in your Salesforce implementation. Using DevOps methodologies in relation to your Salesforce implementation will make it possible to move quicker from requirement to reality and ultimately implement functionality that you need to support your business.

Combining our experiences and knowledge within DevOps and Salesforce we are in a unique position to assist with this.

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