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ISO Certificates

We have always worked strategically with information security, sustainability and quality to continuously improve the delivery to our customers, and we are certified under ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 27001.

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 27001

The certifications guarantee our competence and capability to delivery IT solutions for digital innovation, and grant us a solid base continuous improvement.

“Our background in open source allow us to be agile, open and flexible, much needed in our rapidly changing digital world. The faster the pace the more important to have full control over quality, security and environmental issues, to be a solid, safe and trustworthy supplier to our customers. Therefore I am very proud to announce that we now are certified under the ISO standards for quality, information security and environment”, says Henrik Gavelli, CEO of Redpill Linpro

The ISO standards form the framework for maintaining and improving all management systems.

Miljøfyrtårn in Norway

In addition to our ISO 14001 certificate we also hold a Miljøfyrtårn certificate.


Utilities NCE

We hold a Utilites NCE certificate and have registered the following products and services in the Achilles Utilities Nordics & Central Europe Community:

  • Software Development Tools
  • General Business Software
  • Specialist Business Software
  • Software Development Services
  • Software Support Services
  • Other Computer Services
  • IT Consultancy
Utilities NCE