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Together with Isovalent we can provide hardened, enterprise-grade eBPF-powered tools for networking, observability and security in your cloud native infrastructure throughout Scandinavia.

Cilium functions

Cilium - Networking and security

  • Highly scalable Kubernetes CNI supporting IPv4 and IPv6
  • eBPF powered high performance datapath
  • Flexible routing modes
  • High-performance L3/L4 load-balancing (replacing kube-proxy)
  • Advanced bandwidth management
  • Third party BGP integrations
  • Zero trust network policies
  • Integrations to major public cloud providers as well as Red Hat OpenShift, EKS Anywhere, Rancher, ARM64 workers
  • Identity-based enforcement (hybrid/multi-cloud)
  • DNS-aware policies
  • Enhanced network policies and transparent encryption with IPSec or Wireguard
  • Advanced L3/L4 external load balancing
  • Egress gateway and firewall integrations
  • VM and bare metal support

Hubble - Operations and application observability

  • Workload visibility
  • DNS visibility
  • Cluster-wide flow visibility
  • Service map
  • Application and service runtime health visibility
  • Proxy-based L7 visibility
  • TLS-termination for L7 visibility
  • High performance parsers
  • Prometheus export
  • OpenTelemetry
  • Troubleshooting capabilities
  • Historical flow, tracing and analytics
  • Multi-cluster support

Tetragon - Security visibility and enforcement

  • Identity-aware L3/L4/DNS/L7 network flow logs
  • TLS handshake analysis
  • Process/syscall and runtime behavior
  • Combined network and runtime visibility
  • Network policy events
  • Identity-aware SIEM export
  • Zero trust network security
  • Real-time runtime enforcement
  • Automated threat mitigation
  • Compliance monitoring with identity-aware tap/mirroring

Cilium Service Mesh

  • eBPF-based datapath without sidecars
  • Native Envoy integration
  • Upstream compliant ingress controller
  • TLS termination or passthrough
  • Multi-cluster routing (Cilium Cluster Mesh)
  • Circuit breaking
  • Retries
  • Canary rollouts
  • Rate limiting
  • Native Kubernetes integration
  • Gateway API
  • SMI and SPIFFE support
  • Prometheus and OpenTelemetry support
  • Mutual TLS authentication (mTLS)
  • L7 authorization

In addition to open source software, Isovalent provides Cilium Enterprise with enterprise-hardened Cilium versions and testing, 24x7 enterprise support SLA, proactive support environment reviews, technical training, dedicated solutions architect and possibilities of directed development and custom integrations. In collaboration with Isovalent, Redpill Linpro provides consulting, product support and subscriptions throughout the Nordic countries.

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