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Data analytics and data platform

Data analytics & data platform
Create a long-lasting impact by discovering your data’s destiny which needs to unleash its potential.

Why should your organization invest in becoming data driven?

Good quality, consistent and reliable data will add value and assist you to take good decisions on behalf of your business challenges. Here are some arguments for why your organisation should become data driven.

  • Insights about your customers/products/operational model that either was never available before or required a smaller project to derive – instead available, every day, at your fingertips
  • Include data insights more in your business processes and decisions

  • Ensure that management is all up to speed with all key areas of business performance, through automated bespoke reporting

  • Understand through A/B testing how different product updates or communications are performing

  • With machine learning, predict the value of the different types of customers, who are going to churn or what issue has a higher likelihood of fraud

  • Provide your marketing automation or accounting system with enriched information from your organization – or the other way around, including your systems’ information in all other parts of the business

Data analytics is the process of analyzing raw data and transforming it into useful insights and is crucial to driving smart business decisions and making your organization become more data driven. In specific terms, data & analytics can be used for security purposes, to analyze the effectiveness of your business or increase supply chain efficiency.

Data & Analytics as a Service

Data & Analytics as a Service is an offer where our data professionals provide all or some of the aspects of creating your Data & Analytics capabilities. A partnership instead of a project. You will have access to tangible information about data ingestion and data driven reports, tailored for you, and delivered by a larger and more experienced team. Our highly skilled and experienced consultants are ready to deliver value and results for you and your organization through high-quality data.

How do we work?

To assist with your data-driven initiative, Redpill Linpro has created a model to help your organization with every aspect of such an implementation. With our Data driven ready model, we are able to assist wherever you and your organization are in this process. The model describes end-2-end support, where we start with Data Ingestion, generating and maintaining the data pipelines. Further, we use the data in streamlining your business, giving improved decision-making, effective marketing, better customer service, efficient operations, governance and security.

Data driven Ready Model

Data & Analytics Consulting

There has been a lot of technological advancement over the past couple of years, which has made data explode – operational, financial, custom wise and all other segments of an organization. This increase is one of the reasons why Data & Analytics Consulting is one of the fastest-growing areas in the tech industry.

We know that we gather heaps of data, but we cannot benefit from it without knowing how to read it. When the data is handled the right way, it can be used as valuable insight for competitive advantages, automation of tasks, and improvement of processes which further allows you to take better decisions, which again leads to stronger financial performance and higher customer satisfaction.

Who are the Data & Analytics Consultants in Redpill Linpro?

Our team consists of competent and experienced Data Analysts Consultants. We are agile as we hold expertise within different roles such as Data Engineers, Data Scientists, Business Intelligence Engineers and Data Analysts. As you understand our team is technically broad, and not limited to a single application.

Together with you, we will help plan, and execute different business scenarios, define KPIs, set up monitoring and alerting, and maintain and support existing AS-IS systems and the TO-BE systems.

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