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Container platform 101 – for Developers

Container platforms (PaaS) are in many ways the wheels of DevOps and Agile delivery. In short, these platforms make it simpler to develop and deploy applications. This shortens the time from concept to delivery for your applications

Webinar May 11th, 11.00

In this free webinar you will learn how to deploy an application from a source code repository to a container platform using Kubernetes/OpenShift. You will get a quick intro to basics and benefits of PaaS and containers and then be shown a live demo of:

  • “my first deploy”
  • scaling the application
  • adding persistency

The demo will be conducted by Pip Oomen. Pip is a highly experienced fullstack engineer and has worked in Redpill Linpro with containers, Kubernetes and OpenShift platforms for several years. 

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