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Evergreen services for the WSO2 API & Integration platform

The WSO2 Evergreen service has been designed to meet customers expectations for an easy-to-use and maintain platform to enable API Management and Connectivity. The WSO2 API & Connectivity platform can be deployed on-prem, in a private cloud or in a public cloud, no matter your choice of deployment, the Redpill Linpro WSO2 Evergreen service will make sure that your platform is up-to-date.

In the era of Digital Transformation, IT is under increased pressure to deliver on business expectations and requirements to support their digital initiatives. A stable and easily managed API Management & Connectivity platform is key to provide business with these opportunities.

To make it easier to keep the platform updated and in line with the development cycle, WSO2 have released their WSO2 Update Manager (WUM) feature. This feature gives enterprise users access to the latest version of the WSO2 software straigth from the source.

Providing a feature that updates and supports a platform that today is implemented at a very large number of different set-ups, servers, cloud providers, on premise, hybrid and all the different variations of these you can think of, is not an easy thing. That is why there will always be a need for someone to support and manage your own environment. This is where the Redpill Linpro WSO2 Evergreen service comes into play. We will make sure to keep track of your unique WSO2 implementation and set-up to enable you easy access to all product updates and new features from WSO2 in your environment. With the Redpill Linpro WSO2 Evergreen service you will make sure that someone always keeps your increasingly important API & Connectivity platform up-to-date and at the same time free up your own resources to work with innovation and to support your business with their digital initiatives.


Redpill Linpro WSO2 Evergreen services. Designed to make sure that your unique WSO2 set up and platform is always up-to-date.


  • Focus your resources on development to meet business requirements. Not to maintain a platform.
  • With an always up-to-date API and Connectivity platform you can act upon business requirements utilising the latest features
  • Efficient resource usage. Redpill Linpro have the tools, knowledge and experience from keeping several customers environments up-to-date. Free your resources to innovate on your organisations business and let someone else focus on the platform.


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