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Jean Marc Raymond


Senior Consultant


I am a Computer Scientist mostly working with application/system development andintegration/architecture with over 15 years of experience.I also occasionally take the Scrum Master or Tech Lead role in projects.


My areas of expertise are SOA, Java EE, OSGi, JBoss AS/Wildfly, Karaf, Camel, Fuse.

I am also a Smooks, JBoss AS and WSO2 instructor.


- Color Line: Porting their old integration platform to JBoss Fuse, and now developing it further.- Oslo airport: Proof of Concept and implementation of the self service bag drop system- Developer, tech lead and customer contact for a web based case handling system- Several other smaller PoCs- Support for our JBoss AS/Wildfly clients

Passionate about:

Linux, Software development, Open Source Software and Open Standards, Scripting, Quality, Science and Geopolitics.