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Platform as a Service: Enterprise Container Platform

The PaaS solution replace the complexity of building and maintaining the infrastructure typically associated with developing and launching an application.

As a customer, you maintain control of software deployment with an easy configuration interface.

In cases where you experience a surge in web traffic, PaaS lets you scale your application automatically or allocate capacity ahead of time.

Relevant infrastructure such as networking, storage, operation system, virtualisation, middleware and code repositories are all included in the platform.

Our PaaS improve the speed of software and application developing by letting developers focus on the application itself instead of spending time on complexities on the infrastructure side. Container based development and deployment allows developers more control, and efficiently removes delay between development and deploys. The platform also comes with a DevOps tool set. Live monitoring, maintenance and enhancement of a running application contributes to improved efficiency and streamlining application management.

The platform is particularly ideal to handle modern software development with continuous delivery and deployment, and for development of stateless applications and it comes with a flexible pay as you go model and 24/7 Agile IT Operations. Our PaaS is offered in our Nordic Cloud, with national storage location guarantee when required.