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Buying support for Open Source products means you will get help from the real experts if anything should happen to your systems. Our support is staffed by product experts and core developers who know every line of code in the products. This is one of the reasons Open Source is the best choice for mission-critical systems.

Great Support – because you deserve the best!

Support for well-established professional Open Source products is our core business and has been since the company started. For us, great support means delivering expert help quickly from experts who know the products right down to the last line of code, which is made possible because the source code is open.

There are few limitations to what we can do to solve your problem. In order to exceed our customers' expectations we seldom, if ever, break an SLA. Different options are available with up to 24/7/365 service and one-hour response time, sometimes even with a guaranteed time for a fix or workaround.

To personalize the service even more we like to document the customer-specific set-up. Doing this means you spend less time telling us about your environment and allows us to cut lead time dramatically. All first and second line support is provided by Scandinavian product experts or committers.

If the product is vendor-driven, we always have a back-to-back agreement with them to cover third line support and make sure any fixes go back into the product. In community-driven projects, we always have a core committer in our team to make sure patches are included in future versions.

We pride ourselves on delivering great support; our customers tend to agree and renew their support contracts year after year. They do this not because they have to, but because we add true value. 

Contact us and we will tell you more!