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Unity Technologies (reference case)


Unity Technologies


Unity Technologies is shaping a booming global games market and has seen escalating uptake of the Unity engine and its complementary and integrated game promotion, user retention and analytics services. Read more about Unity Technologies


Redpill Linpro delivers expert consultancy services, training, development of integration services and platform support to Unity Technologies for the Mule ESB/Anypoint Platform.


With the MuleESB/Anypoint Platform and the expertise of Redpill Linpro, Unity Technologies has been able to implement a state-of-the-art integration platform that can adapt to all existing and future integration requirements of the organisation and the extended eco system made of the Unity editor and associated services. The platform is already integrating internal systems and the plan includes using the MuleESB/Anypoint platform to extend the possibilities for on line marketing and sales of the Unity editor.

The challenge:

Unity Technologies is an organisation that has been and still is growing in a rapid pace. This means a continous addition of new projects, modification of existing systems and phasing out others. All this has to happen without affecting the organisation and without interrupting the growth process. In order to achieve this Unity required a modern integration platform that would enable a loosely coupled integration architecture and the ability to change or modify systems without other systems being affected. Ultimately this leads to a requirement for an API focused architecture for communication.

The solution:

Mule/Anypoint platform delivered on site powered by the expertise and knowledge of Redpill Linpro.

The result:

A modern, flexible platform for integration based on Open Source technology that can be used to handle all internal integration requirements, enable APIs as well as providing a platform for enabling new business models and extending the Unity Technologies eco system.

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Unity Technologies


“With the Anypoint platform from Mulesoft and the expertise of Redpill Linpro we have been able to establish a modern integration architecture that will enable us to extend the cooperation within our extended eco system. We experience that the platform nicely decouples the individual systems, yet enables complex and ever-groving systems integrations in manageable incremental steps. Partnering with Redpill Linpro means that we always have access to first class competence and support on the platform available on site when required. Redpill Linpro is a flexible partner and have so far provided us with training, support, expertise and consultancy for implementing certain selected integration flows.”

says Torben Jeppesen, Internal Systems Lead, Unity Technologies.