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Use case Libre Office - Alfresco integration

The following use case has been created to support the work of implementing a LibreOffice Extension which support ”Online Editing”-functionality from Alfresco Share Web.

Alfresco Share Web

Use-case steps

  1. The user is working in Alfresco Share Web application using his web browser. The user can see a preview of the document and show its metadata and version history in the web browser.

  2. Using an ”Edit Online”-link on the web page for a document, Alfresco will launch LibreOffice and open the document for editing.

    1. The user decides to check out the document for editing by clicking the ”Edit Online”-link. The checked out document is now opened in LibreOffice for editing.

    2. The user decides to create a new document in Alfresco Share Web. This is done by creating a document from template within Alfresco Share. After the document has been created, the user can click the ”Edit Online”-link on the web page for the document. The document will now be checked out and opened in LibreOffice for editing. Note: This is exactly the same functionality as a) above.

  1. The user works with the document in LibreOffice.

  2. When the user clicks ”Save” in LibreOffice, the checked out document is saved back to Alfresco. In case the connection to the server doesn't work, the user is prompted to store the file locally for manual upload to Alfresco.

  3. When the user is done he clicks ”Check-In” in the LibreOffice user interface (Menu item next to ”Save”). A pop-up is created prompting the user to enter a comment (optional). The user have the option to Check-In or Cancel the operation. If Check-In is selected LibreOffice checks in the document to Alfresco and closes it. If Cancel is selected, the user can continue to work with the document as before.

  4. When the user close a document which has been modified after the last check-in (or no check-in has been made after editing have been started), he should be given the choice to check in the document or leave it checked out in a pop-up. In the same pop-up the user should have the option to cancel the check-out (Throw away changes), choosing this alternative should result in a warning telling the user that the document changes are about the discarded. The user should also have an option to cancel the action all together returning him to the document so he can continue working.