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Our management team

We believe in openness and total transparency

Our management team is a mix of energy, entrepreneurship, structure, agility, innovation and long term commitment. We are all different but work seamlessly and all share the same passion; to exceed expectations and create unique value for our customers


If you want to contact us: 

Henrik Gavelli, Chief Executive Officer,, +46709313300

Johan Rylander, Chief Financial Officer,, +46768853504

Margrethe Monsen, Managing Director Norway & Nordic Manager CloudOps,, +4792025676

Kirsti Stien, Region Manager Oslo,, +4791573915

Preben Hassing, Region Manager Development Services Oslo,, +4741660466

Henrik Hallgren, Region Manager Gothenburg,, +46708243036

Fredrik Svensson, Region Manager Karlstad,, +46706033635

Björn Romfelt, Region Manager Stockholm,, +46709627115

Ane Brorsen, Region Manager Copenhagen,, +4529138886 

Susannah Eriksson, Head of Marketing & Communication,, +46768853513