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Sympa (Anypoint Platform)

Customer: Sympa Oy
Sector/industry: Provider of tool (Sympa HR) for efficient HR management, HR development and recruitment, that supports the business as a cloud-based service.

A cloud based Mule/Anypoint platform that enables Sympa to answer any requirements for integrations in a quick and professional manner.



Services and assistance for developing and maintaining integration services for Sympa and its customers through cloud based solution based on Mule ESB/Anypoint Platform.



  • Quick response to integration requirements when implementing the Sympa HR solutions at various customers.
  • Quick implementation from decision to integrate and format for integration to ready-made and working integration.
  • Low development and maintenance costs.
  • Enabler for Sympa HR sales and reduced implementation time for projects.


The challenge:

Handling various requirements for integrations for Sympa HR’s implementation for customers with a great variety in geographical markets, demands and businesses.


The solution:

Mule/Anypoint platform in cloud based set up powered by the expertise and knowledge of Redpill Linpro.


The result:

A modern, flexible platform for integration based on Open Source technology that can be used to integrate the Sympa HR with all applicable customer solutions. Sympa is able to deliver projects with a shorter implementation time and can answer to any integration requirements from customers, which have assisted Sympa in reaching out to customers and improve their business execution speed.  


With Mule and the expertise of Redpill Linpro we can answer to any of our customers requirements for integrations in a quick and professional manner. We are able to shorten the implementation time for our projects and deliver high quality HR solutions to any customer, no matter where they are placed or how the integration requirements differ. Redpill Linpro have specifically added a great deal of experience when it comes to integration, have been flexible when it comes to up and down scaling resources when required as well as provided highly skilled, competent and flexible consultants to answer to our customers requirements for integration.”

Juho Valtonen, Product Manager, Connectivity, Sympa Oy

Henrik Gavelli

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