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Digital Integration Hub

The Digital Integration Hub (DIH) is the technical enabler of architectures as API led integration, Event based Integration and three layered API architecture as well as an accelerator for more classical data and process integration. 

Above architectures enable faster time to market and reuse of purpose-built APIs and integrations – but can only truly be achieved using a DIH.

The HUB consists of an ingestion layer, where data is integrated from various source systems, a persistency layer with raw and processed data. Here data is ready in either the source format or a prepared format which can consist of data from multiple sources combined into one company wide record – like a customer entity. 

The persistency layer enables delta tracking and exposure of case specific APIs on any data combination in the HUB with great performance.

The DIH is easy and fast to start up

Digital Integration Hub

Gaining value early on

Our offering is founded in ensuring a deep understanding and alignment of your organization's goals and objectives, which we will fulfill, and challenge based on our profound experience. We always start with the current dataflows, because experience tells us that there often is a lot of reusability in the current implementations. We adapt our standard architecture to ensure we rebuild as little as possible to gain value and traction early in the project.

Benefits of a DIH

With a DIH in place, providing customer specific integrations and API integrations is a differentiating possibility for your company due to the accessibility and modularity of data and processes. The components of the DIH are highly flexible and reusable. As an example:


  • Customer delivered order winning integration in 2 days! (12 less than original estimate)
  • Realtime data insights gives customer industry unique capability to enable Vendor managed inventory based on current dataflows
  • Using DIH customers have enabled mergers to integrate systems and processes on existing implementations. Doing so harvesting synergies faster and capitalizing on existing IT investments


The DIH will be at the heart of any digitalization journey in the future. We provide a standard architecture, components and a methodology to achieve this.

The 3-Layer API on DIH

APIs are the defining enabler for digital transformation.

Challenges with APIs:

  • Scalability
  • Latency
  • Throughput
  • 24/7 availability
  • Rigid implementation
  • Building tight couplings to backend


Over time APIs become a hindering factor for change!

The three-layer architecture allows you to combine data and process objects into entities that makes business sense regardless of the underlying system.

DIH - three-layer architecture

When the 3-Layer API is implemented on the DIH a lot of the challenges with APIs are adressed and solved.

Pro's and con's

The 3-Layer API as implemented in the DIH

The 3-Layer API as implemented in the DIH
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