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Excalidraw is a simple but powerful digital whiteboard tool that facilitates collaboration and creative meetings for you and your team. It's like using a traditional offline whiteboard, but you don't have to be in the same room to collaborate.
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Full integration with Jitsi

The advantage of Excalidraw is that it can be seamlessly integrated with Jitsi, a video meeting service. This means that you can be in a video meeting and produce a board for collaboration during the meeting.  All meeting participants can edit the board, and once the meeting concludes, you can export the board to document the meeting and its outcomes.

Real-time collaboration

You and your colleagues can collaborate in real time and see each other's changes as they occur. Create new post-it notes, shapes and move them around. 

Versatile digital ink tools

You can use a brush, marker, ink pen, or pencil tool with your digital pen to draw on the board.

Working with texts in new ways

A diverse selection of fonts and colors allows you to design elements exactly as you envision them. The easy hyperlink insertion feature provides convenient access to external resources.

Use different shapes to promote ideas

Excalidraw offers a variety of shapes that can be individually colored. They help you with brainstorming, mind mapping, storytelling and other creative sessions. 

Summarize the results

When you finish a workshop or a meeting, you can export your board to an image or PDF to document the results.

Digital Workplace

The service is provided by Redpill Linpro as a cloud-based solution hosted in Scandinavia or deployed on-premise within the customer's own environment. We offer operation, management, and support in your local language.

Redpill Linpro can also help with implementation through training, configuration, integrations and other related services to take your digital communication to the next level:


  • Concept development for your digital workplace
  • Training for administrators and end-users
  • Modern workflow optimization
  • Installation services
  • Technical consultation
  • Operation, management and support in your local language
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