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Here you will find downloads of all kind: eBooks, white papers, checklists and more

Whether it’s movie recommendations from Netflix or suggested workouts from Apple Fitness, consumers expect ultra-personalized digital services everywhere, including their banks. However, the extremely high demands to protect customers’ finances from fraud and theft have left most banks unable to rise to consumers’ expectations.

🇸🇪 Enkla steg för din API-framgång och tips för en solid API-strategi

Simple steps for your API success and tips for a solid API strategy

What does it really mean to be data driven? Which are the potential benefits? How do you start your journey? 

🇸🇪 Din guide till framgång med DevOps, inklusive omfattande verktygsindex.

Your guide to DevOps success, including comprehensive tooling index.

🇸🇪 Hur du gör ditt digitala innovationsprojekt till en framgång.
How to make your digital innovation project a success.
IT Talks will let you in on how it is to work with us, how customers have solved IT challenges, new industry trends by our partners and much more. It will be like grabbing a cup of coffee and having a relaxed conversation with us.
Suddenly common use cases for investments in API and integration platforms, such as customer 360 view, legacy modernization, new digital channels and creation of API ecosystems are more within reach than ever before.