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Software architecture

With a heritage from the Open Source world our consultants have been active in several Open Source projects over the years.

Software architecture

This has created a good sense for code quality, build processes, quality assurance, architectural decisions and over factors that are important in software design and architecture. 

Redpill Linpro further delivers Application Management, operational services and support for mission critical applications that can be deployed on prem, hybrid or in cloud based settings. Our model is to use the same resources that we use for development to also maintain and further develop software.

This means that our consultants has a great understanding on how to architect and design software solutions that are well performing, easy to develop/maintain, resilient and well documented. In short this means that Redpill Linpro consultants has experience from delivery of well architected software solutions, both custom made applications and solutions that is based on any of our Open Source based partner platforms.