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Application development

We have a long experience from application development for various purposes. 

Application development

Through our Open Source heritage, we are committed to the use of open platforms, standards and documentation to deliver good quality code that caters for performance and security.

We have been working with agile development methods for a long period of time and are used to develop applications in close cooperation with partners, customers, users and requirement analysts. We believe in the concept of ”Thing big – Act small – Scale fast”, which to us means an agile methodology with development in components that can be deployed often and put in front of users as early as possible in the process.

This ensures a constant feedback loop between developers and users to ensure that the end result is in line with expectations and requirements. 

We can deliver everything from architectural advice to development resources and team deliveries to support your digital innovation initiative.

Among others, we have delivered application development resources and initiatives to Sveriges Kommuner och Regioner, Veolia and Skatteverket/Swedish Tax Agency.

In addition to application development services we can also deliver support for products used in development and production as well as application management services for your deployed application. No matter whether it is deployed in the cloud, on prem or in a hybrid setting.

Jakob Rönström, CEO Redpill Linpro Core Tech

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