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Identity and Access Management

As digitisation requirements increase, managing digital identities is crucial. Keeping track of authorisations to prevent unauthorised access and potential harm from hackers is a reality. That is why proper identity management ensures efficient processes and generate value from digital investments.

As digitisation requirements increase and businesses of today demands more digital tools and online services, it has become increasingly important to manage digital identities. Managing digital identities means keeping track of who someone or something (like an application), really is and which authorization and access this identity has. If you mix this up, you risk that someone not authorized accessing your business secrets, citizen or partner data.

Worst case, a weakness in your identity and access management policy or technology can be exploited by hackers and cause serious harm to your business. Rightly managed, your identity and access management policy can assist with making your digitisation journey smoother and enabling your business to safely innovate through efficient access to the right information at the right time.

Getting identity management right also means that you make processes more efficient and generate value from digital investments, whereas getting it wrong stops your organisation from drawing the benefits of digitisation and might even stop you from important business. 

IAM Ready

With our Identity and Access Management (IAM) Ready model, we can assist with guiding your organisation through the process of implementing an efficient and secure digital identity solution. Our model covers all steps from strategy to implementation and support of technology to drive the initiative.

We can guide you through important decision making, such as which identities to trust, how to limit available information as well as define processes to detect potential harmful behaviour. 

Efficient use of digital identities

Speed up your digitisation process through an efficient use of the digital identities. The Redpill Linpro IAM Ready model will guide you through the process. 

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