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PostgreSQL is the world's most advanced open source database, well-known for its high quality transaction processing capabilities and ability to handle complex datasets and queries in high-demand environments.

Stability and reliability with PostgreSQL

Redpill Linpro provides a range of services around PostgreSQL, from support and reviews to design, tuning, training and fully managed hosting. PostgreSQL combines the stability and reliability of traditional relational database management system (RDBMS) with low cost and high rate of development and innovation from the open source model to provide a powerful and cost-efficient solution for almost every database need.

PostgreSQL offers many advantages for your business over other database systems.

Immunity to over-deployment

Over-deployment is what some proprietary database vendors regard as their #1 licence compliance problem.  With PostgreSQL, no-one can sue you for breaking licensing agreements, as there is no associated licensing cost for the software.

This has several additional advantages:

  • More profitable business models with wide-scale deployment.
  • No possibility of being audited for license compliance at any stage.
  • Flexibility to do concept research and trial deployments without needing to include additional licensing costs.

Better support than the proprietary vendors

PostgreSQL is one of the the largest pure open source projects in the world, and completely vendor independent. The active developer community consists of representatives from many different companies all over the world, all working together to improve the product, thus exploiting the true power of the open development model. This has also spawned a vibrant ecosystem of support and service companies, including Redpill Linpro. 

Significant saving on staff costs

PostgreSQL has been designed and created to have much lower maintenance and tuning requirements than the leading proprietary databases, yet still retain all of the features, stability, and performance. We also provide training for DBAs and developers.

Reliability and stability

Unlike many proprietary databases, it is extremely common for companies to report that PostgreSQL has never, ever crashed for them in several years of high activity operation.  Not even once.  It just works.


The source code is available to all at no charge.  If your staff have a need to customise or extend PostgreSQL in any way then they are able to do so with a minimum of effort, and with no attached costs.  This is complemented by the community of PostgreSQL professionals and enthusiasts around the globe that also actively extend PostgreSQL on a daily basis.

Technical features

Please see the feature matrix for a summary of PostgreSQL's features.

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