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IT automation services & solutions

IT automation
Automation is when you use technology to perform a task with no or with reduced human assistance.

What is IT automation?

Whenever you come across a repetitive task you can use IT automation. IT automation has been common in industries like manufacturing, robotics and automotives for decades. It’s not a new thing in the technology industry, but with digital transformation automation has become the key to IT optimization.  

Modern, dynamic IT environments must be able to scale fast, and IT automation tools are crucial in achieving that. We often refer to IT automation as Infrastructure automation, but the benefits are the same. When you choose to improve existing processes with automation, you will save time, reduce cost, increase quality and also improve employee satisfaction.

IT automation solutions has many different use cases. When we start to combine these use cases, we see the real benefits of IT automation. Redpill Linpro has more than 15 years of experience with IT automation services. Through our deliveries around Devops and automation, combined with partnerships with leading vendors like Red Hat and Hashicorp, we can provide all the services and technology required to make your IT automation initiative successful. 

Are you curious about what our consultants have automated for our customers lately? See a list of examples.

Artificial Intelligence together with Machine Learning and Deep learning are also trends that we’re starting to see the beginning of, also when it comes to IT automation. To use available data and metrics to generate valuable insights, to apply machine learning models to predict events, develop IT automation software that learns from the data, and predict capabilities to improve planning. Who knows what the future can bring when it comes to automation?

Our IT automation solutions

Ansible Automation Platform

Ansible Automation Platform is the web-based interface that is used for managing Ansible. It is an easy-to-use interface for managing quick deployments and monitoring of the configurations.
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Ansible is known for removing the barrier with the technicalities of deploying code. You can describe almost everything in human-readable YAML automation language.
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HashiCorp provides a suite of open-source tools intended to support the development and deployment of large-scale service-oriented software installations.
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Automation examples

Are you curious about what our consultants have automated for our customers lately?
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