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Varnish Plus

Just as a busy highway backs up with cars, websites often encounter the same problem when dealing with large amounts of traffic. It's common to experience slow traffic, online traffic jams, or worse, a crash. Keep your site up and running, improve your website’s user experience and potentially bring in more revenue with Varnish.

Improve your website with Varnish Plus

Tablets, mobile phones, connected devices and other smart machines are driving the demand for constant connectivity. By 2015, there will be nearly three billion internet users, more than 40 percent of the world's projected population. The trend shows that global internet traffic is expected to be four times larger by 2015 than 2010, reaching 966 exabytes per year. [Cisco Visual Networking Index]

Nobody likes slow websites. People can and will go to where they can get things faster, leaving your website and making their purchases elsewhere.

  • Do your web servers have enough capacity?
  • Are you going to have to design for peak - not average?
  • What about security?
  • And cost?

Amazon reported that they experienced 1% higher sales for every 100 ms reduced response time and Yahoo experienced 9% more traffic for every 400 ms reduced response time, according to Strangeloup Networks. Reduced response time on the website strengthens customer loyalty and increases sales.

With Varnish Plus you can be confident that the business-critical areas of your website are being well taken care of.


Significantly better performance

Varnish Plus combines Varnish Software's subscription offerings and professional services into one package. Varnish Plus customers get access to all the software in an easy-to-use repository. It provide you with round-the-clock support and key tools to optimize the speed, scalability, efficiency and transparency of your website. It's a modern web accelerator that provides web pages with 10 to 20 times better performance than other solutions. You also get the possibility to earn savings in hardware. You will immediately notice that the site is much faster and Varnish Plus will reduce costs in machinery by offloading your web servers. To learn how Varnish works see this video introduction on YouTube.

The Varnish project started in 2005 as an idea within VG Multimedia, Norway's largest online newspaper. Initial development was done by VG Multimedia, and later we did further development on the project. In 2010 Varnish Software was spun off, and is now owned my Neqst. With the same owners as Redpill Linpro, we are a Varnish Integration Partner, offering local support 24/7, training and expert consulting for Varnish Plus. We can also host or manage your Varnish installation from one of our secure and green data centers.


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