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Connectivity Engine

100% Open Source based cloud API management and integration services

If you look into your organisations API managment and integration needs you will be interested to:

  • Avoid investments in infrastructure and operations
  • Lower your TCO total cost of ownership
  • Choose from flexible delivery options
  • Get functionality needed to administer, control, prepare, deploy and change APIs
  • Avoid vendor lock-in and expensive license costs


Flexible delivery options gives you full control

In line with our mission ”With open minds and technology we support company growth and business execution speed” we provide many different delivery and management options for our Connectivity Engine services. The solution is based on a completely open source product stack that gives us and you total freedom and flexibility of choosing how the services should be delivered and managed initially and changed over time in line with your organisation strategies.


Full API and integration

Meaning that we take full responsibility for management of the API:s and integrations and provides all necessary resources to manage and support your needs, of course you get full insight to whats happening with access to your API:s/integration services with the Management and monitoring tools. This option is a good staring point if you e.g. are in a hurry to get your integration up and running as fast as possible. You will not get locked in in the ”Full API and Integration” and can at any time transfer to any of the other delivery services described below.


Semi API and integration

Sharing the responsibility for the management of the connectivity engine with you, based on your specific needs and preference. We will work tight with your team and sharing our deep knowledge with you to ensure that the joint management run smoothly and effectively. This could also be an intermediate step between ”Full API and Integration” and ”API/Integration Platform as a service” if this is the path you want to follow.


API/Integration Platform as a service

If your organization have the time, resources and knowledge on how to manage your integrations the ”API/Integration Platform as a Service” offers you a quick start with all infrastructure in place. This will help you get up and running your API:s and integrations faster and save you investments in infrastructure and resources to manage the infrastructure.


Hybrid architecture with private on premises cloud

Need to have a hybrid architecture with some integrations managed in a private cloud on premises? No problem, we could help you set up your private cloud based on our 100% open source based integration platform.


Special requirements welcome

Do you have requirements not covered in the scenarios above, don’t hesitate to contact us for further discussions. Our mission is ” With open minds and open technology we support company growth and business execution speed” so you are welcome to challenge us with your specific needs!


Redpill Linpro IpaaS security Information

Redpill Linpro takes security seriously and we know that our customers do too, which is why we use Red Hat Enterprise Linux technolgy, with its existing security features, as the basis for the platform.


Co-Location Security

The platform runs in Redpill Linpros top of the line tier3 data center located in Hammarö, Sweden. Only personnel from Redpill Linpro have physical access to the servers and the network infrastructure. We have a long history of managing systems with excellent track record both when it comes to security and reliability.

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