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The digitalization will, among other, require decreased ”Time-to-market” for new ideas. IT turnaround on deliveries will have to go from months to days and if IT can’t adopt, the business will look for other solutions.

In this light more and more people see the benefits of the cultural shift that DevOps represents. Configuration management, automated deployment, continuous delivery and versioning has started to become mainstream. The value of DevOps is applicable to small, medium and large companies alike – and covers:

1. Decreased time from idea to deploy2. Self service capabilities for Developers and Business3. Removed silos – align objectives and establish efficient processes4. Decreased incident management time5. Capability to manage parallel dev and prod environments6. Released budget and capacity for innovation rather then maintenance7. Portability across distribution environments8. Minimized down time through increased transparency, configuration management and compliance

The cost of downtime

Downtime has also a very real cost that we can to put into the equation. 70% of IT outages are due to unexpected configuration changes as a result of manual processes and scripts.

To fail an audit due to lack of compliance or security misconfiguration pose significant costs and risks, it’s also complex and can be very time consuming. With automation you can reduce the risk by enforcing your security policies and proving compliance.

20 steps to establish a DevOps Culture

Establishing a DevOps style of work requires a new culture within the entire organization. So how do you go about it? Instead of optimizing within their silos, developers, operations as well as the business need to work together to establish joint targets. Read more.

Are you DevOps ready?

The comprehensive guide - The digitalisation will require a decreased ”Time-to-market” for new ideas. IT turnaround on deliveries will have to go from months to days and if IT can’t adopt, business will look for other solutions. 

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