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Redpill Linpro - Our story

The beginnings of the shared history of Redpill Linpro go back to dedicated service suppliers involved with Open Source, who both wished to enter new markets. Both of the companies had for quite some time been on the lookout for acquisition candidates and working partners.

Both of the companies had after a lengthy process concluded that customers desired a supplier who could take full responsibility for services involving products based upon Open Source. Both the companies had a strategy to become the leading Nordic supplier of these services. It did not take much time to realise that a merger between Redpill and Linpro would immediately be able to fulfil the strategic objectives of both companies.

Redpill and Linpro did not become acquainted with each other for the first time in 2008. We had in fact been working with each other for a number of years, hence the mutual trust had already been established. Over the years, we had also developed common values and conceptual understandings of the business models and skills that were required for services based upon these products. So we already shared a common culture and some conceptual insights prior to the merger.

In the summer of 2008, Redpill AB acquired the Norwegian company Linpro AS, laying the basis for the successful Norwegian-Swedish union that Redpill Linpro comprises today.

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