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Lantmäteriet (API Management)

Customer: Lantmäteriet
Sector/industry: Government.

To make all official map data of Sweden easily accessible is a massive challenge. To do it in a controlled, secure way while monitoring the usage is even more challenging. 
With their API set up and WSO2 API Management solution Lantmäteriet can deliver on its mission of providing Swedish society with accurate information on geography and real properties. 


All Swedish public sector organisations are obliged by the Swedish government to work for the enabling of the Open Data initiative. This initiative is intended to open up locked structures, encourage an open society and create the foundation for the public sector digital transformation.

Lantmäteriet holds and maintains of all official map data of Sweden. As such, Lantmäteriet is in possession of a lot of data that is of interest to the Swedish society – public sector, trade, industry and private persons. Lantmäteriet has always been a provider of this information and as an open and forward looking organisation, are exploring new ways of sharing their geographical data.

By using APIs, Lantmäteriet will be able to share this data in a controlled manner and at the same time reach new channels that are only communicating with Lantmäteriet digitally. Even if using APIs makes it easier for Lantmäteriet to communicate open data to its target group, there are still requirements about control, security and that usage can be monitored. This is why Lantmäteriet decided to implement an API Manager for their APIs.

Redpill Linpro have assisted Lantmäteriet with advice and assistance on how to successfully set up an API initiative as well as delivered an API Management solution to cope with the requirements of Lantmäteriet and their target groups/users. The solution is based on the WSO2 API Manager combined with tools for analysis and reporting.



  • A modern, cost efficient platform based on Open Source software to enable different target groups to digitally retrieve accurate and valuable data.
  • Ability to publish APIs in a controlled and secure way in order for the target group to make use of valuable geographical information.
  • Bringing the organisation closer to its mission of providing Swedish society with accurate information on geography and real properties.


The challenge

Implement a scaleable API-gateway platform to be able to handle fairly large responses (map tiles) with a very high throughput (peak ~8000 TPS). Lantmäteriet also needed to authenticate the traffic as well as generate statistics and monitoring.


The solution

Redpill Linpro assisted Lantmäteriet in capacity planning and designing of the overall architecture and infrastructure topology for API publishing and API Management. We assisted Lantmäteriet in installing and configuring the platform based on WSO2 API Manager as well as providing tools to make the future management of the platform easier. We also customised the platform as required by Lantmäteriet.


The result:

  • A modern, cost effective, flexible platform for API Management based on Open Source technology installed on premise to enable Lantmäteriet to serve its target group with open data in a controlled manner. 
  • Ability to monitor API usage and fine tune solutions/environments to suit the requirements of the target group. 
  • Using APIs to achieve the Open Data initiative and enable the Swedish society access to valuable and accurate data in digitalised way. 
  • A platform for further publishing of additional requested APIs to fulfil mission to provide the Swedish society - public sector, trade and industry, and private persons - with information on geography and real properties.
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