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A modern, flexible platform for integration

Delivery & benefits

ITAB help retail customers turn consumer brand experience into physical reality with their know-how, solutions and ecosystem of partners. Co-creating together with consumers and retailers ITAB deliver the physical realisation of engaging, convenient and seamless environments. Delivering measurable results for customers in instore experience, sales, efficiency, service and running costs.

Services and assistance for developing and maintaining APIs and integration services for ITAB on the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform. Redpill Linpro will contribute with architectural and development expertise. 

Part of the ITAB growth strategy is to work with a Merger & Acquisition strategy adding new organisations to the overall corporate structure. This has led to a dispersed landscape of mission critical systems and data sources. The API & Integration implementation project will be crucial in the implementation of a strategy to create one united ITAB organisation and system landscape. 

APIs & integration will be absolutely crucial

An important part of the ITAB growth journey up until now, have been our M&A strategy. This has resulted in a large set of various business systems and data sources that now needs to be integrated with our corporate ERP solution. In other words, the work with APIs & integration will be absolutely crucial to us meeting our future objectives. I am happy to cooperate with the skilled and experienced integration team from Redpill Linpro to support us with this journey”, says Joakim Wadskog, Head Architect at ITAB Group. 

The challenge

Integration of a dispersed system landscape and a large set of various data sources. The API & integration initiative is an important part of the overall strategy to build one ITAB. 

The solution & result

MuleSoft Anypoint platform in a cloud based set up powered by the expertise and knowledge of Redpill Linpro. A modern, flexible platform for integration based on Open Source technology that can be used to deploy APIs and integration to support the overarching objectives of creating one ITAB and growing the business further. 

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