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A modern, powerful platform for software on AWS


Wolftech offers software for media production to customers world wide. Alongside Redpill Linpro, they can now offer their software as a service running on AWS.

Competence used

IT operations in Oslo with AWS competence.


Easy to onboard new customers to our software platform. The solution is a pre configurated AWS setup througt Redpill Linpros AWS offering.

With Redpill Linpro, we can offer a platform that makes it easy for us to onboard our new customers to our platform. Our platform runs on AWS and most of our customers wants us to take care of that. That´s where Redpill Linpro comes in with a pre configurated solution. The solution is the same for all customers. We can also make it easier for our customers to access their data easily without sacrificing on security.” Arild Nordvoll, CFO, Wolftech Broadcast Solution

Challenge, solution and result

The challenge:

Before Redpill Linpros AWS solution our customer got a lot of extra work with the setup process. Together with RL we have now automized the this process.

The solution:

Scripted deployment solution with Amazon EC2, RDS SQL server, Amazon OpenSearch server,Amazon S3 +++

The result:

A modern, flexible platform for software on AWS that can manage and deliver large amounts of data in a cloud-based service. As Redpill Linpro takes responsibility for operation, Wolftech can focus on delivering and developing new services to their customers and grow activities and business.

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