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Reliable and high performing environment


Liberty Mutual Surety’s Norway team, formerly House of Guarantees, has been the guarantee provider of many leading businesses in Norway and Sweden since initiation in Oslo, Norway since2018. Liberty Mutual Surety offers a wide range of guarantees and surety products and currently has more than 450 customers in various industries in Norway.

Redpill Linpro contributes to their success by delivering development and Cloud Management on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Competence used

  • Development
  • DevOps
  • Cloud Management for AWS


Redpill Linpro provides a reliable and high performing environment for Liberty Mutual Surety’s application in AWS. The architecture is founded in AWS’ principles for Well Architected and Redpill Linpro’s best practice, ensuring both high availability, efficient resource usage and cost optimalization.

We have been a customer of Redpill Linpro since 2020. It´s important to have a reliable partner we can trust if something comes up. Redpill Linpro helped us to create and set up our first solution in AWS and contributes to this day with all further development of the solution. In addition, Redpill Linpro gives us advice on operation, further application development and tuning of databases.” Marius, Senior Surety Underwriter - Manager Liberty Mutual Surety Norway.

Challenge, solution and result

The challenge:

To respond effectively to the guarantee needs of local and multinational companies, Liberty Mutual Surety needed a partner to develop an application and help to operate it.

The solution:

(Containerized) Phyton application, RDS Aurora server, Amazon S3, ECS, Glue ++

The result:

Redpill Linpro provides a resilient and adaptable AWS environment tailored to support Liberty Mutual Surety’s core business of issuing guarantees and automate more of their processes.

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