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Scania (Alfresco, Collaboration, Cloud, Development)


Digital Workplace, Alfresco, Content Management, Collaboration, Cloud, Development.



By moving the Scania collaboration application “Teamroom” (based on Alfresco Digital Business Platform) to the cloud through AWS, Scania will reduce redundancy, improve performance and deliver true global collaboration without the need for physical hardware.



“Scania is a global organisation, moving from a traditional truck manufacturer to a provider of sustainable transport solutions. Customers, engineers, trucks, research, and production facilities are spread all over the world. For this ecosystem to be able to collaborate efficiently requires a modern and flexible digital solution that performs no matter where in the world the individual user is located.

Scania uses the Alfresco Digital Business platform to provide the tooling required for efficient collaboration, but there was also a need for a new deployment model to support a global usage pattern. The Scania preferred solution for cloud-based implementations is AWS and that is why we decided to follow that path also for our Teamroom (based on Alfresco) application.

With Teamroom deployed in the AWS cloud, we will have a much more flexible deployment that can be scaled out to reduce latency, secure storage in multiple regions and provide our end users with a collaboration solution that performs no matter where they are located”, says Nicklas Eriksson, Solution Architect at Scania Group. 


The challenge:

Move 3 TB of content, 90.000 users and 4.000 Alfresco sites from on-prem servers to AWS S3 bucket. Migrate data from the Oracle database to AWS Aurora. Everything needed to be done, tested and verified in a 48-hour window.


The solution:

A well designed and thought-through migration plan, together with Redpill Linpro developed migration scripts for the migration from Oracle to AWS Aurora, Scania managed to complete the migration of Alfresco/Teamroom to AWS in just 28 hours.


The result:

A modern, easily accessible collaboration platform to support Scanias drive towards sustainable transport solutions. Reduced latency, improved performance and easier maintenance will make it easier to use Teamroom and increase cooperation beyond organisational and geographical boundaries in a global organisation. 

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