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Redpill Linpro and Isovalent joins forces to put focus on networking, security, Kubernetes and eBPF in Scandinavia

The two companies partner to provide businesses with state of the art security, networking, and observability solutions

Redpill Linpro, a trusted provider of automation, DevOps and cloud native services in Scandinavia and builder of digital societies, has announced a partnership with Isovalent, the long time contributor to open source projects and open collaborations. This partnership spans Scandinavia and aims to deliver advanced cloud native networking, observability and security solution through Cilium, Hubble and Tetragon, enhancing customer satisfaction and improved digital services and experiences.

"We are thrilled to embark on this new partnership with Isovalent, a renowned contributor to the cloud-native ecosystem. By leveraging their expertise in cutting-edge technologies like eBPF and their innovative product portfolio, we are confident that we can provide our clients with an unparalleled solution for networking, observability, and security on cloud-native platforms. This collaboration will not only enable us to enhance development platforms and make them more resilient against modern threats, but also to strengthen digital infrastructure, where emerging technologies like 5G are taking center stage," says Kirsti Stien, Region Manager at Redpill Linpro

Henrik Gavelli, CEO of Redpill Linpro adds: "With hybrid cloud being a reality for many organizations, securely interfacing between on-premise and public cloud platforms has become increasingly important. We are excited to partner with Isovalent on this journey to deliver robust and reliable solutions for our customers. As a company with deep roots in Linux and open-source since 1995, we are also enthusiastic about Isovalent's commitment to the open source and free software community."

"Successfully adopting cloud-native principles as part of their digital transformation can be challenging for industries and governments alike. Redpill Linpro has a great track record in supporting customers in this journey, and their experience with cloud-native solutions is outstanding. We are pleased to welcome Redpill Linpro as partners to Isovalent. Their breadth of offering will help customers to integrate Cilium’s capabilities into their environments quickly and efficiently." says Thomas Graf, CTO and Co-Founder of Isovalent

Isovalent recently introduced Cilium Mesh

Cilium has become the go-to choice for Kubernetes networking due to its cutting-edge security, performance, and exceptional scalability. And now, Isovalent have announced the launch of Cilium Mesh! This game-changing solution seamlessly connects Kubernetes workloads, virtual machines, and physical servers across the cloud, on-premises, and edge locations.

Cilium Mesh is a natural evolution of Cilium, building upon its robust Kubernetes networking foundation. It offers identity-based security and deep observability, all while integrating the highly-scalable Cilium Cluster Mesh multi-cluster control plane. Plus, a brand new transit gateway can be deployed as a virtual appliance to effortlessly connect workloads in existing networks with Kubernetes or workloads behind other transit gateways.

Full suite of Isovalent products and solutions

Redpill Linpro will now be able to offer the full suite of Isovalent products and solutions, empowering our customers with tools that enable their developers to deliver value faster and more securely.

Redpill Linpro, in collaboration with Isovalent, aims to become a leading cloud native partner for customers in Scandinavia, offering businesses cutting-edge solutions that enhance security, networking, and observability for mission critical cloud native environments, along with specialized Nordic cloud services.

About Isovalent

Isovalent is the company founded by the creators of Cilium and eBPF. Isovalent builds open-source software and enterprise solutions solving networking, security, and observability needs for modern cloud native infrastructure. The flagship technology Cilium is the choice of leading global organizations including Adobe, AWS, Capital One, Datadog, GitLab, Google, and many more. Isovalent is headquartered in Mountain View, CA and is backed by Andreessen Horowitz, Google and Cisco Investments. To learn more, visit or follow @isovalent.


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Written by Susannah Eriksson