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Redpill Linpro behind the record-breaking implementation of a new digital collaboration platform at the National Electrical Safety Board

The National Electrical Safety Board was faced with a sudden need for a new supplier and solution for chat and video meetings when their former service provider ran into financial problems.
Digital collaboration platform at the National Electrical Safety Board

Through input from other authorities and eSam's mapping dSam, the agency and Redpill Linpro introduced a new chat solution in two months. Later, the service was supplemented with an integrated function for video meetings.

Choosing Microsoft Teams was not an option, given the legal problems associated with using the US service. 

The choice instead fell on Rocket.Chat, which is operated by Redpill Linpro in the company's Nordic cloud. The solution has gradually been supplemented with the video meeting function Jitsi Meet, which is integrated into the chat function. This function is also delivered as a cloud service by Redpill Linpro.

Rapid implementation

Jenny Nilsson is responsible for IT operations at the National Electrical Safety Board and has been in charge of both procurement and implementation of the new services. She says that despite the short time for implementation and evaluation, they can conclude that the services work excellently and that the employees are satisfied with the solution:

"It turned out that we, as an authority, could be more agile than we thought when it comes to introducing new solutions in the organisation. It also helped that Rocket.Chat is very intuitive and well-proven in the market", Jenny explains. 

The National Electrical Safety Board has not been part of eSam's work on mapping alternatives to Teams. Still, they have significantly benefited from the authority's mapping in the choice of both Redpill Linpro and the two services for chat and video meetings. 

"Today, there are suitable alternative solutions for digital collaboration on the market, which means that we do not have to use the traditional American services and thereby risk violating the GDPR," explains Jenny Nilsson.

Tailor-made services for the public sector

The choice of Redpill Linpro is based on the work that the digital society builder and open-source company has put into creating services for the digital workplace that public agencies can use. A work that is carried out in close cooperation with eSam. 

"Since Redpill Linpro and their services are mentioned in eSam's report, it gave them a quick start as Swedish authorities already use their solution. I realised they had good opportunities to set up a similar solution for us", says Jenny Nilsson. 

Redpill Linpro's digital workplace specialists were responsible for the introduction of initially Rocket.Chat and later Jitsi. Jenny Nilsson explains that they have been and remain a reliable partner.

"Redpill Linpro has been very helpful in solving our challenge when we realised that we needed to change service providers in a short time". 

After rapid implementation, the solution has now entered the management phase, where the National Electrical Safety Board and Redpill Linpro continuously evaluate the services.

Pioneers in rapid implementation

The National Electrical Safety Board has received a lot of attention for the speed with which they were able to solve the problem and for choosing one of the services mentioned in the dSam report. 

"You could say that we have become a bit of a pioneer when it comes to using new digital collaboration tools," says Jenny Nilson, who hopes to inspire more people to take the plunge and switch to one of the services that the eSam public agency collaboration has highlighted for secure and legal digital collaboration. 

More information about Redpill Linpro's services for the digital workplace can be found here


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Written by Susannah Eriksson