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Redpill Linpro expands to Trondheim

Digital society builder Redpill Linpro is announcing the opening of a new branch in Trondheim today. With the launch of the new site, the second in Norway, the open source specialist continues its growth in the Nordics. 

The office will be led by Erlend Sognli Høyem, a seasoned IT management leader with a wealth of experience. Erlend, who joins Redpill Linpro from a senior consultant position at CapGemeni, brings a deep understanding of the industry and a proven track record of success.

"Redpill Linpro is an experienced and strong challenger in the IT market. In Trondheim, we will put in place a team that enables both public and private sector organizations to make the most out of digitalization. We are targeting customers with strong roots in Trondheim and will be close to the many exciting businesses in our region", says Erlend Sognli Høyem.

The team will consist of a handful of consultants at the end of 2024. The focus will be on appointing experienced consultants who can deliver holistic solutions. Keywords are about helping customers succeed better using new technology, artificial intelligence, and with hearts that beat for open source. 

The Trondheim office and its customers will take advantage of the complete Redpill Linpro offering, which includes leveraging competencies such as development, infrastructure, cloud, analytics, IT management, and cybersecurity.

"I am glad to announce the expansion of Redpill Linpro in Norway. Trondheim is an exciting place to be for a technology company. We already have customers in the area and know there is room for a company wholeheartedly committed to open standards", said Henrik Gavelli, CEO of Redpill Linpro.

He concludes: 

"With Erlend as the leader and with the team in Trondheim, we will meet customers' need for an experienced consultancy that combines deep technical knowledge with solid business understanding. As such, the office will contribute to Redpill Linpro's overall mission, to create better digital societies."

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Written by Susannah Eriksson