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Salesforce acquires MuleSoft - The value of Open Source proven again!

The digitalized world communicates through open APIs that embraces agility, speed and transparency. The acquisition of the Open Source based API and integration platform company MuleSoft for $6.5billion adds further evidence to the success of open source based software.

The Open Source company MuleSoft has made an impressive journey. MuleSoft started in 2006 as an open source initiative to make integration services more easy, agile and flexible. In oppose to closed source software, the founder Ross Mason was able to develop and spread the integration software extremely rapidly through the community based development model that Open Source embraces.

We have been working with MuleSoft since the start and we have developed and refined our services in accordance with the rapid development of MuleSoft and their Anypoint Platform. Today the platform is a backbone for digital transformation, providing customers with abilities to build eco systems and application networks to sustain in the digital landscape.

Starting in 2006 as an Open Source initiative and now acquired by Salesforce for $6.5billion shows in itself the great confidence in Open Source and the huge potential foreseen by the market and analysts.

It should be easy to do the right thing

In the Nordics we see many examples where visions such as “make every day a little easier” or “It should be easy to do the right thing” drills down to building eco systems and the digital backbone for this is a full coverage API and integration platform. The public sector is undergoing a rapid change from a control to a service organisation. Both Skatteverket and Arbetsförmedlingen is now building eco systems with external organisations to fulfill these visions and MuleSofts Anypoint Platform is the backbone to achieve the objectives with this digital transformation. Redpill Linpro develop these services together with MuleSoft and our customers.

MuleSoft will get an additional boast by the well known brand of Salesforce and potentially open up new markets and customer segments. That is all well managed and implemented, the Anypoint Platform from MuleSoft has the potential to increase the speed of digital transformation for all organisation, which may be beneficial for the whole society.

For more information, please contact:

Henrik Gavelli, CEO Redpill Linpro,, +46 70 931 33 00

Written by Susannah Eriksson