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Application Development Framework - Alfresco ADF

The Alfresco Application Development Framework provides a set of reusable & customizable web components. It allows developers to rapidly build mobile-ready applications that interacts with content and process services running on the Alfresco Digital Business Platform.

Building outstanding user experience

Alfresco ADF help you to quickly build outstanding user experience (UX) on top of Alfresco Digital Business Platform.

ADF Benefits


  • Automatically provides responsive, localized & accessible UIs components
  • Built to easily enable the rapid development of custom user experiences
  • Leverages proven Google Material Design components
  • Goes beyond UIs: JavaScript APIs leveraging Content & Process Services

The Alfresco Application Development Framework provides a set of pre-built and fully functional Angular components including Material Design views that combined together create unique solutions for business users to accomplish their goal. With ADF you could quickly build minimalistic and responsive customized user interfaces tailored to the actual application and specific user role needs. 

Get a deeper understanding of why you should use ADF by reading our Alfresco developer Michael Bui blog post including an introduction video and links to other relevant  ADF resources.     

Watch the excellent ADF technical overview presented on this page by the Alfresco Product manager for developer platforms Ole Hejlskov.

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