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Gravitee is the event-native API Management platform that allows you to make APIs and event streams more consumable, secure, and resilient to failure. All are built on an API Gateway and Management platform that natively supports REST, SOAP, Websockets, Webhooks, Kafka, MQTT, and more.

API Design

Code if you want, but you do not have to - Make API Contract Design more accessible with one design tool that's easily adopted by anyone through the Gravitee design-first flow chart. When you’re designing your API, your Gravitee API Designer automatically generates OpenAPI documentation. Leverage dynamically generated mock data to test new variables and features without spending any time making changes to the backend. Publish your designed API to your Gravitee Developer Portal for ultimate discoverability and ease of consumption.

API Access management

Gravitee’s Identity and Access Management and other API Security solutions are easy to use, infused with adaptive intelligence, and ready to layer on top of your Gravitee API Access Management product for strict application & API Security. Build a trust broker with your identity providers to provide seamless, custom authentication and authorization flows for your users.

Build centralized, strong authentication and Single sign-on for all of your customers with Gravitee’s Single sign-on features. Gravitee's Adaptive Engine allows you to intelligently automate and secure your access control mechanisms based on user behaviors and other characteristics. Keep visibility into logins, sign-ups, users, and other access metrics with one simple-to-read Access Management console. 

API Observability

Isolate, understand, and remediate for API performance and security risks before they cause a problem for your customers with the Gravitee Alert Engine. Easily configure automated alerts when SLAs are at risk of being breached via email, webhooks, or with popular collaboration tooling like Slack, Mattermost, Rocket.Chat or similar solutions.

Beyond performance and SLA issues, configure alerts around identified threats and suspicious behavior so that your administrators can resolve potential security threats quickly and efficiently. Configure automated alerts for every time that risk-based MFA is invoked by Gravitee so that application owners and platform admins remain in the loop and ready to defend against potential API security attacks.

Easily set up automated health checks that ensure your APIs are resilient and operating as planned. Simple configuration means that anybody can quickly and easily configure alerts and API monitoring with Gravitee under 60 seconds. 

API Management

Gravitee API Management is a lightweight, blazing-fast, API Gateway and Management solution that supports multiple API styles and protocols. Built on Java, the Gravitee API Gateway has been shown to be at least 4x faster and more performant than other popular solutions. Proxy traffic and apply policies to synchronous and asynchronous APIs. Protect APIs and make them more resilient to failure by configuring everything from quotas, rate limits and custom attributes using an intuitive flow editor. And with dozens of pre-built policies to get you started, your APIs will be ready for consumption instantly.

Gravitee does not just support asynchronous APIs and communication. Gravitee enables you to easily mediate between different protocols and API styles. For example, you can front a Kafka or MQTT topic with REST, Websockets, Webhooks or any other of our supported entrypoints. Gravitee supports multiple load balancing types to ensure full control and scalability of your traffic, and full failover control to ensure API requests are always satisfied. Publishing APIs is one thing, but making sure they are discoverable and consumable is another.

Easily publish APIs and their documentation to a developer portal to help API consumers understand and use your APIs. Highly granular logging means never worrying about missing out on information, and sophisticated Audit Trails help monitor behavior over time. APIs can be deployed to the API Gateway as code via REST APIs or via CRDs using the Gravitee Kubernetes Operator. Or, you can deploy using the Gravitee console UI. Totally up to you. 

API Deployment

Make enterprise administration a breeze with one control plane to view, manage, and access every Gravitee environment across your entire organization. High-performing organizations are going to have multiple Gravitee environments set up. Cockpit gives you one control plane to centrally manage and monitor them all.

Get a unified, top-level view of everything with a unified dashboard that displays analytics across all environments in one place. Create and manage your Gravitee hierarchies all the way from the account level down to the node.

Monitor node availability across your different Gravitee instances and make sure that your API Gateways are up and running healthily.

API Productization

Deploy your APIs to the Gravitee API Developer Portal, and give your consumers one place to browse APIs, subscribe and request access, view API analytics, and more. The Gravitee Developer Portal gives you one place to offer APIs, define usage and access contracts, and host their documentation—all for a seamless experience for your APIs consumers.

With easy ways to deploy, market, and govern usage contracts, the Gravitee API Developer Portal makes it easy to productize your APIs for a wide audience of consumers. Govern your API ecosystem made up of Developers who both create and consume APIs. The Gravite Developer Portal offers a dedicated space for your Swagger definitions and API documentation for easy, understandable API consumption.

Consumers can use the Developer Portal to view analytics around APIs such as call location, top APIs, response times, and more for true visibility into API usage and performance at the time of consumption. 

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