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Kong is reckoned to be the fastest, most-adopted API Gateway. The world’s most sensitive and critical traffic volumes run on Kong.

With battle-tested open-source technology and enterprise-grade solutions and support, Kong is the most trusted and performant cloud-native API management platform for the modern tech stack.

And since Kong is cloud, protocol, and language agnostic, the products work seamlessly with both emerging and legacy technologies. That’s why developers building modern enterprises find success with Kong.

Unparalleled performance

Lightweight and cloud-native architecture stack 50K+ transactions per second per node. Sub-millisecond latency. 446x Faster & 31x Higher Throughput.* 

Kubernetes-native API Management

100% Kubernetes-native architecture and interfaces to enable you to take full advantage of the power of Kubernetes.

Vendor agnostic

Connect services across any cloud, any platform, and any modern protocol, such as REST, GraphQL, gRPC, and Kafka.

Open Source DNA

Built on trusted open source, widely adopted and driven by a massive developer community. 290M+ Downloads. 2.7M+ Active Instances. 160K+ Community Members. 62K+ Stars on GitHub.


Easily add advanced traffic management functionality leveraging 95+ out-of-the-box plugins, community plugins and custom plugins.


Implement consistent and fine grained traffic and security policies through advanced out-of-the-box security plugins.


Light footprint and stateless architecture allows instant scaling up or down to meet customer demand.


Enable declarative configuration and easily apply proven principles of DevOps and GitOps to automate each phase of the API and microservices lifecycle.

Enterprise-grade support and services

Connect with a dedicated team of API experts for onboarding and high-quality support. Follow guided learning through self-paced Kong Academy courses.

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