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Open Project

Open Project is a project management and tracking tool that allows teams to document, prioritize and organize tasks and issues using visual boards. It is a tool that helps organizations monitor and handle projects and facilitates structured collaboration within the team and between different teams.
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Features in Open Project

The functionality of Open Project is similar to that of Confluence and Jira combined. This solution is open-source and web-based.

Plan your project

Begin with a project template or create your own from scratch. You can add activities to your project and establish a hierarchy of interdependent tasks. You can also describe each activity, assign tasks, plan budgets and allocate resources as well as access advanced statistics and status updates for tracking and reporting.

Gain a comprehensive overview of all your projects and monitor their statuses to effectively prioritize and manage resources.

Create a wiki page

Create a knowledge bank where team members, with the right permissions, can contribute information and collaboratively build knowledge together

Project templates

Create templates containing all the desired components for your projects, making it easy to generate new project pages and apply consistent structures. This feature is particularly beneficial for organizations aiming to establish templates aligned with their workflow or routines, which can subsequently be reused across all projects within the organization

Create workflows

Automate processes that you often perform to make your work more efficient.


Open Project can be integrated with Nextcloud to allow you to store your files in Nextcloud and link them to a project in Open Project. In this way you can store your files in one place without having to maintain multiple copies and versions of the same document.

You can also integrate your project with its GitHub page for convenient access.

Access and identity management

Configure rules and role-based permissions to control access for each team and employee from a single dashboard. Sync your project members and users from your user directory using LDAP synchronization.

Digital Workplace

The service is provided by Redpill Linpro as a cloud-based solution hosted in Scandinavia or deployed on-premise within the customer's own environment. We offer operation, management, and support in your local language.

Redpill Linpro can also help with implementation through training, configuration, integrations and other related services to take your digital communication to the next level:

  • Concept development for your digital workplace
  • Training for administrators and end-users
  • Modern workflow optimization
  • Installation services
  • Technical consultation
  • Operation, management and support in your local language
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