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Penpot is a collaborative design tool that helps in designing and planning user interfaces. This is a great option for Figma users who prefer not to use global cloud services with unclear regulatory conditions or GDPR compliance concerns.
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Team members can work on product design in real time and create clickable prototypes. The tool is perfect for product owners, UX designers, developers and designers of mobile apps, websites, and anyone else who is passionate about graphic design and usability. 

Penpot is open source and web-based.

Features i Penpot

Real-time collaboration 

Share your design project with others, whether it's a colleague on your team or one of the main stakeholders  interested in the project. The members of the project can easily collaborate in real time: a copywriter can update texts, product owners can quickly provide feedback, a developer can pick design specifications for the code and designers can promptly implement project changes based on the received feedback.

Create prototypes

With Penpot, you can create interactive prototypes to test your product’s design in a focus group and rapidly gather feedback.

Simplify collaboration with developers

Your developers can extract CSS styles and SVG markup directly from Penpot, ensuring that the interfaces in progress will be easily understood and effectively utilized by the users.

Migrate from Figma

If you're currently using Figma but considering  migration to Penpot — no problem. We offer a ready-made solution to facilitate this transition, and we are certainly always there for you to help. Migrating from Figma to Penpot is a straightforward move, as the tools share many similarities.

Digital Workplace

The service is provided by Redpill Linpro as a cloud-based solution hosted in Scandinavia or deployed on-premise within the customer's own environment. We offer operation, management, and support in your local language.

Redpill Linpro can also help with implementation through training, configuration, integrations and other related services to take your digital communication to the next level:


  • Concept development for your digital workplace
  • Training for administrators and end-users
  • Modern workflow optimization
  • Installation services
  • Technical consultation
  • Operation, management and support in your local language
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