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“While technology drives tremendous opportunities for business transformation, digital business ideas are likely to be ignored without the proper context. To succeed in digital business, enterprises must understand why people behave as they do.” says Gartner*)

Digitalization or digital transformation is now beyond hype, it is a fact and it is happening right now. You may not have seen the full effects yet but you will.

The world is constantly changing, with new technologies disrupting all industries and consumer expectations continually evolving. What’s relevant today could easily be obsolete tomorrow. Companies that want to maintain their competitive edge and keep up with the increasing rate of change must learn to be adaptable in the face of change. And have a structure (e.g. IT environment) that allow them to act on the changes when they occur.

We are laying the digital path for our customers through:

Below we have gathered examples, trends and tips applicable for different industries - in an attempt to give you inspiration and best practices on your digitalisation journey.

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Digital Transformation - Laying the path for the future

Make the organizations internal and external information availablein order to increase transparence, beneficence and speed of interaction internally, with customers and other organizations. This must happen within an ecosystem that is capable of delivering IT solutions in an ever increasing speed. 

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Successful development and maintenance of your APIs creates new business opportunities, if you fail you may be left behind. API and connectivity are key factors to drive the digital enterprise. APIs enable a connected business and generate new business opportunities. APIs give you access to IoT.

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*) The social science of digital business

Digital transformation