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Transport and logistics

The transport and logistics sector has been undergoing a lot of change driven by digital transformation in recent times. The digital transformation affects the ability for transporters to work with internal and external efficiency due to new information and tooling available.

It also increases the customer expectations on services, information and insights into logistical flow and experiences from travel or package delivery. At the same time new competition has emerged that are born digital and without old legacy systems.

This situation has forced companies within transport & logistics to review their whole organisational structures and establish digital backbones that allows them to digitally innovate to meet new expectations and strive in a new competitive landscape. 

Redpill Linpro has assisted several organisations within travel & logistics with this transition. We have been part of cloud migrations to move away from costly and unflexible on premise hosting environments onto easily accessible, flexible and cost efficient platforms.

Our consultants have further helped organisations to implement more flexible, faster and efficient processes and methodologies for deploy of new functionality into production through DevOps, configuration management and new tooling. We have helped transport & logistics companies to unlock data and enable new interactions through APIs and self service.

Through APIs and access to data, companies has also been able to innovate together with their larger eco-system to offer new services and enrich existing services with more information and customer experiences. Redpill Linpro can assist transport & logistics organisations with this through deliveries within expert areas, such as API & Integration, DevOps, and Cloud

Read more on how we have assisted customers like Trafikförvaltningen Stockholm, Västtrafik, SJ, and Colorline to implement customer specific solutions to build their digital backbones for innovation. 

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