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Agreement with Nukissiorfiit for development, maintenance and hosting


We have signed an agreement with Nukissiorfiit on development, maintenance and hosting for their collaboration platform Nukidoc. Nukissiorfiit is a governmental owned energy company that produces and supplies most of Greenland with electricity, water and heat. Most of its energy is produced by renewable sources such as hydropower from the Qorlortorsuaq Dam.

Nukidoc (based on Open Content platform Alfresco)

Nukissiorfiit has developed a collaboration platform called Nukidoc. This platform is based on the open ECM platform Alfresco. Nukidoc is used in the organisation as an enterprise-wide content platform to support digital workplace transformation to improve quality of existing content, automate processes, archive content and enable users to collaborate and share on a common platform. We will assist Nukissiorfiit with hosting and maintenance services for a long term stable and efficient support and development of a mission-critical platform. 

In the business environment and competitive landscape of today, it is becoming increasingly important to handle digital assets and processes related to these in an efficient way. An increased efficiency in cooperation between employees, customers, suppliers and other external parties is also of great importance to keep or improve your competitive advantage. This is true for all businesses, but actually there have been a specific interest in this from the energy sector in recent times. The Nukissiorfiit – Redpill Linpro agreement adds to other assignments to support digital workplace transformation in the energy sector. For Nukissiorfiit it was important to choose an open tool with extensive functionality to enable the greatest possible flexibility in this initiative. For long term support on the solution and the required stability, the choice fell on us.


Knowledge and long term stability important

An initiative in digital workplace transformation requires a flexible tool and a partner that can add knowledge, experience and long term stability as this is an initiative that will run over a long period of time. We have been a partner of Alfresco since 2007 and have a proven track record of successful implementations of Alfresco and helping organisation with their digital workplace transformations in various industries and geographies. These were important factors for Nukissiorfiit when chosing a long term hosting and maintenance partner. This will be our first, larger assignment in Greenland.

- For the further development and maintenance of Nukidoc we need a vendor that has proved their long term commitment to the technology and digital workplace transformation space. We identified Redpill Linpro as the leading provider of services for Alfresco implementations in Scandinavia and their ability to deliver a full coverage solution including hosting and pre-packaged maintenance services added to our perception of Redpill Linpro as the leading Scandinavian provider of services for digital workplace transformation. Their experience from similar projects in the energy sector also added an extra dimension to their offering. We look forward to cooperate with Redpill Linpro to further develop Nukidoc to support our internal processes, but also to cooperate with other energy companies in Scandinavia on how to further improve solutions and functionality for collaboration in our industry, says Nicolai Dyssel Sally, CIO and Enterprise Architect at Nukissiorfiit.

- How to handle and use digital assets will have an increasing effect on organisations ability to stay competitive and improve efficiency in the digital transformation era. We have chosen to name the concept of improving control, collaboration and efficiency related to digital assets for the Digital Workplace Transformation. We have been involved in these kind of projects in various industries and geographies, but this will be our first larger undertaking in Greenland and we are happy and proud to have been given this responsibility by Nukissiorfiit, say Fredrik Svensson, Business Area Manager for Java Solutions at Redpill Linpro.

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Written by Susannah Eriksson